The Conservative revolution will NOT be televised in Canada Or “Awwwww…too bad, so sad, you lie.”

Once more Canada has demonstrated that being a successful democracy doesn’t require one to be a loud mouthed, ill-mannered war monger incapable of telling the truth if your life depended on it. In other words, democracy works just fine without Fox.

Canada’s Radio Act does not allow “any false or misleading news” to be broadcast as factual. This, of course, negates the modus operandi of a dedicated Right Wing network. I’ve covered this before but it bears repeating. Right Wing economic policy is IMPOSSIBLE to sell to the public on its’ own merits. Can’t. Be. Done. Fehgeddaboudit!
Oddly enough, Rachel Maddow, the lesbian vampire, just went into why from an entirely different angle. Her segment discusses what the function of the GOP is and why that’s a fundamental problem for them. It is not that difficult to work out and it’s the exact same reason they lie with every breath. Republican economic policy is geared towards benefiting one and ONLY one group: the wealthy. That’s it. End of story. Nothing else to it. Every other policy is geared towards convincing the rest of the Republican Party that they are, or can be, part of that tiny group and that liberals are out to stop them at all costs. Especially the gays. There’s a reason Commies are called “Pinkos”, you know.

To aid in this clever endeavor of fooling people into voting against their own economic interests is the right Wing propaganda machine and if you don’t think it’s real and deliberate you probably wear a silly hat with tea bags hanging off of it. At least you smell good.

Fox News, Right Wing radio and, of course, the untold number of conservative websites, feed a steady stream of lies and misinformation directly into the fear center of peoples’ brains. It’s a winning formula they’ve perfected here in America and now they want to export that fear into Canada, one of the most disturbingly polite countries in the world. If it wasn’t for the Quebecois, I’d wonder if they were pod people.

But, OOPS! There’s that pesky Radio Act that, shockingly, Canada’s Right Wing has been trying to get rid of for years. Now what would be the benefit of allowing intentional misinformation to be broadcast as news for the country? None that any sane person could see but a huge benefit to a political movement built on lies and fear. When Reagan unilaterally eradicated the Fairness Doctrine in the United States, he set the stage, intentionally, for a whole new kind of media that would be wholly partisan and unaccountable to any standards of honesty or integrity. It’s been successfully poisoning our political discourse ever since. The obvious move for Canadas’ Right Wing would be to follow suit. Sanity has, so far, held out.

If Canadas’ Right ever DOES succeed in removing the legislative roadblocks to “Fox North”, it will be fascinating, in a sick, morbid way, to watch how quickly the country turns into a paranoid cesspool of greed and indifference.

Oh, Canada. We’ll miss you when you’re gone…

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