Attempt to Recall Republican Senators In Wisconsin is Underway

In response to Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker and Republican Senators attempts to strip state union workers of their collective bargaining rights citizens of Wisconsin have decided to launch a recall effort of some of the Republicans involved. Once the recall initiative is filed the citizens will have 60 days to get the required amount of signatures necessary to have another election with the candidates recalled and Democratic candidates. This is presently seen as the best option to defeat the governor’s union killing bill as Republicans are in control of the state legislature.

The amount of signatures varies from 15,000 for some senators to a little over 20,000 for others. The number of senators that must be recalled and defeated for this bill to be repealed is simply three, because Republicans control the Senate 19-14. Winning three seats would shift that balance to 17-16 in favor of Democrats. The citizens participating in the recall have 60 days to get the required number of signatures turned in. A recall of the Governor cannot take place until he has served at least a year in office. There is widespread belief that this recall effort can be successful with specific senators who won by very small margins.

It is vital to the middle class that the unions remain a viable alternative for careers. They help provide greater job security by keeping employees from feeling along and isolated and basically afraid to speak out on their own behalf. They also are a check on private enterprises effectively running all over the middle and working class citizens of this country. Of course there is also the most important reason that this assault on unions, as President Obama put it, is happening in the first place. And that reason is simply that unions are the best way to contribute politically and organizationally to the Democratic Party in general. Republican members of government all over the country have been heard stating that unions are the last thing keeping the Democratic Party alive. Whoever prevails in Wisconsin and Ohio will likely be able to turn the tide all over the country in one way or another. The biggest question now is who wants it more and what are they willing to do to win?