The War Against Women

During the Bush Administration, Republicans made it their mission to enter America into foreign wars. In the present day, they aren’t declaring war on other nations anymore. Instead, they have declared war on American women. In previous articles I have talked about the various proposals in Congress and in other states that seek to strip women of their rights and freedom. First, Republicans have made proposals to redefine what constitutes rape. Then, a Republican state representative in Georgia has put forward a bill that would no longer allow raped women and children to be called victims. Instead they would be called accusers.

But just when you think Republicans couldn’t be any harsher, they then propose a law that would allow hospitals to just let women die rather than perform an abortion, even if she needs one to save her life. It leads me to ask, what the hell is wrong with these monstrous people? In their quest to outlaw abortion, even though it is legal in America, Republicans are trying to do anything and everything in their power to hurt women and strip away their rights and squash their freedom. To that effort, the Republican dominated legislature in South Dakota is close to making it legal to kill abortion providers. If this bill becomes law, any doctor that provides an abortion for any reason can be killed on the spot and the murderer can walk away without ever feeling the cold steel of handcuffs being snapped around their wrists.

Back in Washington, Republicans have put forward measures to fund contraceptives for HORSES, but are denying funding for human female contraceptives. Oh, but they are still funding Viagra for men. These Republican men apparently believe that women shouldn’t be able to have protected sex and that if they get pregnant, so be it. And that’s not all. Many Republicans are beginning to express their belief that women shouldn’t have jobs if they have kids. And that they should also be married. A couple Republican officials have already stated that women with kids should not only be married, but should also remain in the household with the kids. This is occurring in Maryland, where Republicans have ended all county money for a low-income kids’ preschool program. Why? No need, they said. Women should really be home with the kids, not out working. How stupid is that? What happens to single women or low income families that are struggling to get by on two incomes? In my opinion if a woman wants to work, she has every right to do so. And if she chooses not to be married, its her choice. What Republicans want to do is force women to get married and do nothing but have babies and cook meals. And since Republicans are trying to redefine rape, I can only assume that they would force women to marry their rapist as well, especially if she became pregnant as a result of the attack. How long before they do that? Or worse yet, how long before they force little girls to marry their 60 year old uncle who raped them? I’m sure that’s coming.

Republicans are also waging war against the health of women. Recently, Republicans voted to defund Planned Parenthood. So now, millions of women would no longer have access to breast cancer exams, pap smears, and contraceptives. I can see the t-shirt now, Republicans=Breast Cancer. Because breast cancer will increase and more women will die because of it. If you’re a financially poor woman with a family to feed, it gets even worse for you because Republicans want to cut nearly a billion dollars of food and other aid to low-income pregnant women, mothers, babies, and kids. Republicans are also cutting billions from Head Start, which means over 200,000 children will lose their spots in preschool, all in the effort to force women to stay home. If you’re an elderly woman, tough luck to you too. Two-thirds of the elderly poor are women, and Republicans are taking aim at them too. A spending bill would cut funding for employment services, meals, and housing for senior citizens.

But I think its even worse than that. Republicans at this very moment are attacking public service unions. I think its also a continued attack on women. Think about it. Across the country, Republicans are seeking to destroy teacher’s unions. Teaching is a field dominated by women. Another field that Republicans are attacking is nursing. Women dominate that field too. Coincidence? I think not. This is not only an attack on the American labor force, but an attempt to destroy public education and kick women out of the workforce. Because Republicans believe that women belong in the home, home schooling the kids. To them, work is what a man does.

All of this is leading to something bigger. How long before Republicans take aim at the 19th amendment? Because most women vote for Democrats, I expect Republicans to try to strip women of their right to vote sometime soon. This war on women is despicable. Instead of focusing on how to make the lives of women miserable, Republicans should be focusing on jobs and the economy. But all they want to do is take aim at abortion and women’s rights. Many of the measures they are putting forward in this effort will eliminate jobs. They are also trying to tear down fair pay laws across the country because to Republicans, women aren’t entitled to the same pay as men. They believe women are weak and inferior. This is NOT what Republicans were elected to do. They campaigned on jobs and the economy and they have yet to put forward a single bill to deal with that.

And it can get sicker and downright dangerous. Thousands of anti-abortion activists stalk, threaten, and endanger the women who go into clinics to get procedures and the nurses and doctors who provide women this very important care. These deranged people literally find out the addresses of these helpless people and wait for them at their homes at night so that they can scare them. They follow them to their cars and copy license plate numbers so they can find them later to intimidate them. These are violent people who need to be arrested, thrown in jail, and never again released into the civilized world. They hate women, they hate doctors who help women. And they abuse Freedom of Speech and invade the personal lives of people. These groups advocate the murder of doctors and nurses. That makes them accomplices to crimes and it makes them hypocrites.

We must defend the rights and freedom of women. The Republican Party is hell bent on placing them in the shackles of slavery to force them to carry babies, get married, and stay home and cook meals. This is not equality. Women have proven time and time again that they can do just as much or more than a man can in the workplace. And I’m appalled that Republican women haven’t denounced these efforts to place women under the thumbs of men. And for a party that screams about individual rights and how government should stay out of our personal lives, Republicans sure are doing a lot of intruding. They are committing hypocrisy by attempting to legislate the personal lives of women. I guess when it comes to individual rights and our personal lives, women don’t count in the eyes of Republicans. This country is about equality and freedom. Republicans are the opposite. What women need to do, is go on their own crusade. Flock to Washington DC in the millions and show Republicans how strong women are. Women are Americans too. They should be treated as such, and not as objects or slaves like Republicans think they should be. Republicans hate women and children. And if they want to prove that they can lead, they will abandon their war on women and start doing something about the economy. Let women be free and equal.