Kansas High School Newspaper Says It’s Moral to Execute Gays

Despite the alarming rise in gay teen suicides, a high school in Kansas allowed one of their students to publish an article that says that “[same-sex] relationships just are not normal” and also states “same sex dating should be frowned upon”. It also cites a biblical verse calling for the death penalty for same-sex couples.

Via Change.org:

A student [in Wichita East High School in Kansas] got the green light to author an editorial, and have it published in the school’s newspaper (The Messenger), that said same-sex relationships were not normal, and then quoted from a Leviticus translation that says men who lie with other men should get the death penalty.

So much for creating a learning environment where all students, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, can feel respected and safe. In Wichita East High School, you can just get on the Internet or open up a copy of The Messenger and be told that you’re not normal, and that some people think it’s moral to have you killed.

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