Wisconsin Governor Wants To Strip Union Workers Of Their Rights, With Unions We Stand

This is a pivotal moment in American history. A moment where we can either stand for the American workforce, or see it destroyed. Earlier this week, the Republican Governor of Wisconsin and the Republican led legislature attempted to slam a bill down the throats of the public workforce in that state, that would effectively destroy unions and the ability to collectively bargain for higher wages and better benefits.

Touted by the Republicans as a bill that would save money, this bill is nothing more than an attempt by the right wing to annihilate organized labor in this country once and for all. The bill would ban teachers, police officers, nurses, firefighters, and other public workers from being in a union and would keep them from negotiating their pay. Over 40,000 people in Wisconsin have stormed the capital to protest this bill and the Democratic State Senators have fled the state to prevent a vote on the bill in the state legislature. But Republicans across the country aren’t going down without a fight. Many conservatives are branding these workers as “free loaders” and are transporting Tea Party members from across the country to strong arm the rightful residents of the state.

This action by Republicans is part of their strategy for 2012. As the Citizens United decision has proven, corporations are now able to completely outspend unions and they are now out to dismantle them forever so that workers will be at the mercy of big business. Not surprisingly, corporations spent 93% of their campaign contributions on Republicans. Unions spent their money on Democrats. So this move by Republicans in Wisconsin is purely political. They want to destroy those who support Democrats. Out of the top ten spenders on campaigns last year, there were only three unions in a field of corporations. If Republicans destroy unions, they will not only destroy the power of the American worker, but they will eliminate a great deal of campaign funding for Democrats.

But this protest isn’t just about the money these workers make or their benefits. Its about their right to bargain and organize. This bill would end all of that, allowing the state to slash the wages of all these fine hard workers who make the state run. Where is the incentive to work these jobs if you are forced to work for pennies? Meanwhile, the governor has already pushed through tax cuts for the wealthy in his state. Apparently, to pay for these tax breaks, he intends to take the funds out of the middle class workers. He has also threatened to use military force against the protesters if they do not scatter like the good worker drones he expects them to be. This is wrong and is a complete betrayal of the American workforce and people. Under the Constitution, people have the RIGHT to organize and people have the RIGHT to protest. This isn’t about slashing the budget like Republicans claim, its about providing cheap labor to corporations right here in America. Without unions, the American people would helplessly fall prey to corporate CEO’s who have fantasized about using Americans as slaves for decades. Just think of how much profit that would bring them. They could make trillions while the American worker gets paid in pennies. Corporations could then eliminate health care benefits, pensions, sick pay, workers compensation, vacations, child labor laws (which may be repealed in my home state of Missouri by Republicans here), and the end of the 40 hour work week and overtime. Unions are the last line of defense protecting these rights and privileges and are the last shields defending the American workforce and American freedom. If Corporations and Republicans can revoke your right to protest and organize, then it won’t be long before they curtail the other freedoms we hold so dear.

The time to strike is now, America! We the people, are the many. The corporate bosses and Republican lackeys are the few. Together, we must stand up to these ruthless attacks on the American workforce and show Republicans and corporations that they do not own US, we own THEM. They work FOR US. Not the other way around. These right wing dictators want nothing more than to permanently weaken the American people and their political rivals. Now is the time to rise against them and throw them out of office. Republicans have overplayed their hand this time and have revealed themselves once again to be firmly against the American workforce which is made up of middle class Americans. The Republican Party that urged unity after 9/11 are now against the very workers, police, firefighters, and hospital workers, that ran bravely into the World Trade Center to save American lives. That is a disgraceful betrayal of those heroes who risked their lives to save people. Republicans have turned their backs on our heroes. I urge you to stand with Wisconsin. I urge you to fight for your rights and theirs. I urge you to fight for your right to fair wages and benefits. And I urge you to run Republicans out of government. If we stand strong and fight hard enough and long enough, we can drive these mini-Mubaraks out of office. Because if we do not do it now while the tide is in our favor, we stand to lose all the rights and privileges that our grandparents and great-grandparents fought so hard to secure for their descendants. This country exists today because it itself is a union created by our founding fathers. So, it is our duty to organize today, and stand in solidarity with Wisconsin, the American workforce, the Constitution, and the United States of America in the ultimate effort to protect your rights and freedom.