Wisconsin Governor Threatens Protesters With National Guard

By Nurse Pam

We all understand that Governor Walker of Wisconsin is trying to balance the budget. One of the many items the Governor is plotting for attack is Medicaid, and public employee insurance programs.

Rather than cutting off the people, maybe Governor Walker, as well as other politicians, should look more deeply into the health care cost problem.

Stop Pillaging Middleclass America

Instead of cutting off children in need of health care and squeezing even more money from an already financially stretched middleclass by raising their health care premium rates, politicians should research the very entities that are literally milking our system dry.

A good start would be the pharmaceutical industry. These corporations are raking in hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars annually, profit that is left over AFTER paying their bills including research for new drugs, obscene CEO salaries, etc.  I believe it was the year 2009, one drug titled Lipitor, made a profit of $11.4 BILLION dollars. If this doesn’t scream gouge, I don’t know what does!

Maybe they should investigate medical equipment & supply companies to uncover why these companies need to charge such outrageous fees for their surgical and health care supplies. The cost of these supplies are ridiculously marked up.

Maybe they should find out why hospitals feel it’s necessary to charge $75 for a nurse to give two Tylenol pills to a patient. Keep in mind the nurse is paid around $25 hourly and this entire process typically takes less than 5 minutes.

Maybe they should ask hospitals why they charge $10 per Tylenol pill, when you can go to a nearby store and buy a bottle containing 120 pills for $5.00. The nearby store charges approximately five cents per pill. That means the hospital is enjoying a markup of around 20,000%.

Of course middleclass Americans have no say, because the politicians will make back room deals with the corporations that are lining their campaign pockets. And if that isn’t corrupt enough, now Governor Walker of Wisconsin has threatened to use the National Guard if the people rebel, because the Republican Governor intends to get his way.

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