A Silver Lining In November 2nd’s Election Results…

By srv1499

I’ll touch on November 2nd’s election results and events and get far more in depth later in this editorial.

The biggest news of the night was the near total rejection of the Tea Party. Even the party which they run under said no to them as witnessed in the write-in thumping Joe Miller took at the hands of Murkowski in Palin’s own home ballpark… That should be very embarrassing.

The Democrats retained control of the Senate. Yes we took a few losses but we kept control mainly because in the Senate people see the politics in more depth. The Republicans picked up six seats and only two were multi-term senators, Blanche Lincoln (two terms) and Russ Feingold (three terms).  Unlike 2008 when six term Senators went down to defeat and the Democrats picked up 10 seats. Again, picking up seats in the Senate is far harder than the House, I’ll explain more about this later.

The House, well what can I say, no sugar coating… We lost the House. Comparatively it was as big as loss as you’ll see but does that mean it’s all bad? No, I’ll explain more later, but let’s just say when Boehner is your leader, stupidity will now no longer be the back page news…

OK, so here we go. What follows is my assessment and breakdown of the last 48 hours and forward look in to the next several years for the future of this country.


Folks The TEA PARTY got solidly rejected and if you take a moment and read further down in my Blog on October the 16th I correctly predicted that the Tea Party would cost the Republicans the Senate. As a party they ran 100’s of candidates, only three got elected to office on the Governor and Senate side and eight on the House side of things. Of those eight in the House only one took a seat from a Democrat and that seat was Dennis Hastert’s old seat just a couple years ago and it was Hastert’s employee that won that so saying he was a Tea Party candidate is a stretch . Of the Senators and Governor, Rand Paul, who was running in a solid Republican state, one that carried McCain by 18 points in 2008, Marco Rubio won in Florida, a State that couldn’t get the chads right in 2000 and of course Governor Elect Nikki Haley from another heavy voting McCain state and let’s face it, she had the “HOT” factor… (I’m voting for her because she’s so hot! I don’t care what her policies are)…

Now I’m not talking about Tea Party backed Candidates, (calling Haley and Rubio Tea Party Candidates is stretching it as I’ll explain later) but TEA PARTY CANDIDATE’S. There is a huge difference. Christine O’Donnell, Joe Miller, Sharon Angle, Ken Buck … Those are Tea Party Candidates. John McCain? NOT a Tea Party Candidate like some networks would have you believe…  Just those four alone cost the Republican’s the Senate. Their entire racist, bigoted, moronic, philosophical (I give them too much credit) views were rejected by the Adults once the Adults heard their utter absurdity!  We can look further at the Governor’s race in New York and see the irrationality of Carl Paladino who lost by 27 points and in his concession speech he babbled as though he had won, threatening with a baseball bat…

Tea Party Candidates lost the Senate for the Republican’s. That is without doubt. Now when will the blow back begin? Republican’s need to purge themselves from these myopic idiots so they can form their own party completely, maybe next time Republican’s (even Fox) won’t kiss their ass so blatantly.

As for the Tea Party Candidates that won their seats you ask? Republicans saw how the Tea Party lost them control; do you really think they will continue to kiss the Tea Party’s ass now the election is over?


I didn’t know if I wanted to put this myopic egotistical leader of the zombies next or save her for last but after much soul searching and a flip of the coin, Rand Paul gets the final blast … The absolute dumbest thing I heard today was, Sarah Palin had a great night! It truly blew my mind on just how stupid that statement was. (I need to get a Nerf Ball to throw at the TV when dumb moments happen so I don’t break my 50” HDTV). They then showed a list of Sarah Palin backed candidates and how they did… she went six and four, six wins and four loses… now I know you are saying, “Well Wally, that doesn’t sound bad, so what are you talking about?”

When you looked at the six they claimed as her victories they had listed people like John McCain… Yes, they claimed now seven term Senator John McCain who won in 2004 with 75% of the vote, now owes Sarah Palin his victory! Can you give me my Nerf Ball?

They also had listed Rand Paul who ran away from Palin as often as he could. In fact not one person on the list other than Rand Paul was an actual Tea Party person, they all had Republican ties and then later allowed Sarah to say she liked them.

I did a little further checking… well guess what? She endorsed a total of 64 candidates… Now the key word there is endorsed OK…28 of them lost… Of the 28 loses 21 were actual Tea Party people. That means they were from cradle to grave a Tea Party person. … Not Backed Tea Partiers… Not a Republican already in office in state or other office or had firm ties in the Republican system but they were by every definition a Tea Partier.

So from that original 64, 28 lost out right and that left 36 as winners… Now this includes Senate, House, and Governors and includes people like McCain, Three term Governor Rick Perry and so forth… only eight of the 36 winners could be classified as Tea Party people… Again, Not Republicans whoring themselves but actual Tea Party people. Paul Rand (KY), Renee Ellmers (NC), Allen West (FL) Hultgren (Il), Stephen Fincher (TN), Kinzinger (IL) Southerland (FL) Benishek (MI)

A little more digging and I found that calling Nikki Haley (SC), Marco Rubio (FL), Nunnlee (MS) Adams (FL)and  Tim Scott (SC ) Tea Partiers would be to ignore the facts that they were state representatives in the Republican Party. They already had the Republican Moniker on them and had the brand name in their district or state. Marco Rubio was the Florida House of Representatives, Speaker of the House. You can’t get that title without being high up in the party that has control of the House. In his case it was the Republicans.

Paul Rand is truly the only big name Tea Partier to make it. He did it in a state that Voted for McCain by 14 points in 2008, did anyone expect anything different?…  So that makes her Tea Party candidates eight wins and 21losses… Or to put it another way her Tea Party had a 28% win record on a night that republicans won  57%…


With her embarrassing defeat in her own home state the Republicans should take that as a sign that the Adults of this country don’t want Sarah Palin or her highly divisive Tea Party. The write-in Candidate spanks the nominee, which was the handpicked favorite of the face of the Tea Party, in her own state, that should be an awakening to the Republican Party.

The Republican Party needs to seriously look at that and remind her that she should be humiliated!

Yes, many people identify with the Tea Party’s motto Smaller Government and Less Taxes, but they were doing that long before the Tea Party. They didn’t identify with the obvious racism, hatred and divisiveness that the Tea Party exhumes.

The Republicans have a serious problem on their hand. If they continue to kiss Sarah’s ass and coddle her, she will continue to divide and turn the Adults away from the Republican Party. If they make a move to shed themselves of this narrow-minded, egocentric buffoon, she’ll lead the Tea Party to a third body in the next election. That will spell disaster for the Republican Party. Sarah will take anywhere from 20 to 30% of the voters with her leaving the Republican’s unable to win but a handful of contests.

So what will they do with her? As a Liberal it could be fun to watch an implosion of epic magnitudes within the Republican Party over her.…


Why were there Tea Party victory’s in the House and in reality only one in the Senate? The Tea Party got exposed in the Senate. The races were for the most part national and at the very least state wide. The Tea Party’s agenda was exposed. The candidates and their fanatical concepts could not hold up under scrutiny. Whereas the House races were more local events and not as many people paid attention to the participants, other than are they Republican or Democrat.

As an example, I live in an area that saw advertising for seven districts, none claimed to be from the Tea Party directly but one did claim in a couple of ads to defend the Tea Party. There were no debates, no way to expose who was running and what they believe in other than 30 second ads which most people just turn. The only Candidate that defended the Tea Party near where I live lost.

Add to that many people don’t know who their Congressman are. They vote a straight ticket and walk away. Again this is unlike the Senate race which goes state wide and many cases national. That exposure cost the republicans enormous.


His stupidity is now out there for all to see and he did not miss a chance to shine today… He stated that now he has control of the House he will repeal the Health Care Law! Can someone please tell him how Government works… The Democrats still have control of the Senate and the White House so how he’s going to do this is? Is he obtuse or is he playing to his unintelligent followers? I have to assume he actually knows how Government works so why does he continue to call his followers stupid… and why do they continue to lap it up?


Now folks the Gold Lining… Rand Paul won a seat in a state that voted heavily for McCain in a year that Obama swept to power so did anyone expect a Democrat victory in this state? Not I for sure, yet he carried the State by less than McCain did in a year that everyone was supposed to hate Obama…

So what will the Republicans do with this nut job? They will kiss his ass and if the Democrats are smart they will sit back and watch!

Rand Paul will now have to either hold steady on his campaign promise to not allow the US to increase the debt a single dime or he’ll have to cave to reality and show he’s nothing more than the same ole Politian we’ve been sending to Congress for 200 years.

This is a no lose for the Democrats… if he stays the course and does not allow the US to increase the debt ceiling than the US defaults on the loans and global chaos follows to likens which this world has never seen. Government shuts down completely. The World financial Markets Crash. $100’s of trillions lost in the matter of seconds and the US is screwed, all because idiots voted a total moron into office. Why did they do that? They didn’t want to pay taxes… If you think taxes cost you just wait until that happens, and you lose everything… If that does happen or even the thought of it happens and the world markets start crashing in anticipation the Democrats get the biggest get out of shit card ever handed a party in the history of the politics! Even if he plays along and votes for the raising of the debt ceiling they can go, “SEE WE TOLD YOU! He’s no different than the other Republicans you have sent to Washington!”

The Democrats need to take full advantage of what Rand Paul and his eccentric ideas and actions will do to the Country. They need to ride his attempting to dismantle the Government and show America what it will be like with more of these intolerant odium filled masticates attempting to run things… Rand Paul is the Republicans worst nightmare and now it’s up to the Democrats to seize upon this opportunity!


So yes folks, don’t listen to the doom and gloom that is being feed upon you. It isn’t that bad. Many good things came from last night it is up to the Democrats to seize upon this opportunity and show America what it’s about! Above are just a few of the good things that happened but one thing else before I leave… Obama’s policies are already in place and the economy is starting to turn around. How are the Republicans going to explain the resurgence of the economy in 2012 when they only control one branch and have zero chance to get anything passed that the Democrats don’t want passed? DEMOCRATS NEED TO FORGE AHEAD WITH THEIR PLANS AND ALLOW THE REPUBLICANS TO HANG THEMSELVES! DON’T GIVE IN AND DON’T ROLL OVER!